Poker – the Best Game on Earth

If there is one gambling game that is known the world over, it is poker. Poker isn’t the oldest casino game currently being played by a long shot, but the game has such a rich history that it has become a household name around the world. Of course, it isn’t just the exciting past life of the game that makes it popular, either. The fact that there are many different versions available for play also makes it one the most versatile gambling games around.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em dates back to the early 1900s when it was played throughout Texas by the locals there. The game is unique in the way bets are placed and in how the cards are dealt, but the hands that players try to achieve are the same as in every other form of poker. Learning how to play is pretty easy once you get the hang of how the game is dealt. Today, you can find Texas Hold’em games all over the world – in land-based casinos as well as those operating online – and it has become a true staple for gamblers everywhere.

Five Card Draw

Five-card draw is another great poker game that you can find being played all over the world. This popular variant is a one of pokers most basic forms and is likely the original way that poker was played. Today, five-card draw is the backbone of video poker and all of its variations, and it is perfectly suited for that role.


Whatever version of poker you decide to play, the first thing that you want to do is to learn the hands. Then, decide if you prefer the odds-centric versions of the game like those found at the video poker machines, or the people centred games like those you would find at a Live Casino game. Once you know what you are after, finding a great game is easy to do.