Welcome to Virgina History Lab!

Researching online is all the rage these days. In fact, for many people, it is the only way to find information. Far more accessible than a library, and for the most part containing more information than one, it is fast becoming the sole source of gaining extra knowledge. Here at viriginiahistorylab.org we want to make online learning and research more fun and just a little bit easier.

What We Do

This site will aim to show visitors how and where to find the information they are looking for. For example, ways to refine searches using key words, how to determine which pages are relevant and which are not and also which sites are more reliable and trustworthy in their sources. We will also provide readers with the knowledge for the best sites to locate online papers and also where they can be downloaded from, such as Scihub, and this will cover both scientific and newspapers. Other helpful items such as documentaries, especially where to find the most informative and reliable ones.Multimedia websites are usually a good place to go for research purposes. These types of sites will offer visitors the ability to browse through a number of different information sources and will include text, photos, videos and even music on their sites, all of which can provide valuable information to researchers or simply visitors with an interest. Multimedia sites can also be useful for downloading or streaming music, TV and movies, all legally of course.At virginiahistorylab.org we aim to make the online experience a fun and educational one.