From Analogue to Digital: The Casino Story is Just Beginning

The world has gone digital; our lives are increasingly governed by the apps on our smartphones, to the extent that even money has gone the virtual way. We now shop online, meet online and even get our dose of entertainment online. The question is how the digital trend has affected old-school businesses – especially the gambling industry. Time was that the allure of a brick and mortar casino tempted the crowds. With a generous dollop of glamour and razzmatazz, a gambling house used to be where your wildest dreams come true. Then the internet happened. Nowadays, people are turning more and more towards the convenience of an online casino. All you have to do is turn on your laptop – or even your smartphone – and voilà! All your favourite slots and table-based games are available at your fingertips. Some virtual casinos have even gone so far as to provide a live experience for the players. All that glitters, however, is not gold. To make a mark in the über-competitive online space, casinos need to have a sound digital strategy in place. And it has got to be more than just offering the biggest jackpot and welcome bonus. There needs to be an awareness of how to tap the immense potential of search engines and social media, better to market the casino. But mere presence on the popular platforms will not do. The casino needs to create a unique identity that differentiates it from the million other gaming sites which all promise the same thing: the best time of your life. The good news is that the transition from analogue to digital has had its fair share of success stories. One thing common to all of them is the provision of a premium, sophisticated gaming experience with stellar software platforms such as Net Entertainment. The new kids on the block can surely learn from the more experienced, successful ventures.