How to Get Lighting Indoors Via Sunlight

Natural light is the best option compared with artificial light. It fills up the room with light full of spectrum hue which bulbs and fluorescents cannot duplicate. Best of all, natural light saves on power bills. There is good information online on how to get natural light indoors. This article gives you insight into some of these ways.

Install skylights in your ceilings

Skylights provide an amazing way to effectively get natural light into the room. Compared to windows, skylights face up for maximum sunlight. This brings in more consistent light compared to normal windows since they are less likely to be shadowed.

Use highly reflective surfaces

Glass tiles have good reflective surfaces that give out almost 100% of light. These surfaces act as mirrors to direct the light to different dark parts of the room. Compared to other materials such as concrete and wood, reflective surfaces make the room brighter with minimal natural light.

Paint the eaves white

Overhangs that support the roofs reflect sunlight into the room. Dull overhangs absorb most of the light leading to low room light. In this case, painting the roofs with white colours is well-known to boost natural light. Even if the interior is a different colour, you can still paint the eaves white.